5 Reasons to Do Curtain Cleaning in Singapore this CNY

Why do I need to do curtain cleaning Singapore this CNY? You asked.

Of course, it is not absolutely necessary to do that. But what if curtain dust causes illness in your household?

What if I tell you that curtain dust is a major health concern in a household. Are you kids keep falling ill? Are they having eczema outbreak every once a while? Have you gone to the doctor and they told you it was probably just “allergy”? Did they ask you take all sorts of allergy test which cost you tons of $$$?

Think about it. It could be that your curtain is slowly poisoning your whole family!

It is time to do something about it! Here are 5 reasons why you should do a thorough curtain cleaning Singapore this coming new year!

  1. Curtain Cleaning Singapore prices are competitive

Singapore is a very competitive market. Many people are in the curtain cleaning business. Many provide steaming service, which we would not recommend because of any moist fabric lingering in your house is hardly healthy for the family. Dry clean curtain, on the other hand, is a very effective way to get rid of bacterials and allergents!2

2. There are lots of promotion going on

Of course there will be CNY sales. For any type of business in Singapore, CNY is a huge sale period. People are feeling RICH during this period and businesses know that. Curtain Dry Cleaning is no exception.

3. Curtain Cleaning price gets high with installation and removal service, but not for this particular shop

Eazihome Laundry did a comparison for dry clean curtain price. If you need removal and installation service (who wants to sacrifice themselves for the whole family?), it is better to choose them to do it for you!

4. CNY symbolizes the new beginning, clean your curtains can be a good omen

These have been said many times. You should take every new beginnings seriously. That is why we always have beginning in every race and religion. The new year new me thing is real. It is time to reflect on the past. What we have been doing wrong, now its the time to get it right!

5. Kids are coming to your house for visit, do not make them sick!

Do you want other people’s kids to get sick in your house and they never want to come back? Your kids need their playmate and play date is very important for kids development. Get your curtains cleaned immediately. It is not just physical health of your kids but also mental health. Having friends around stimulate their mental development and we do hope your kids become the next president, but with those dirty filthy curtains, how are they ever going to succeed in life?

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